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The parietal lobe is located in the middle section of the brain and is associated with processing tactile sensory information such as pressure, touch, and pain. A portion of the brain known as the somatosensory cortex is located in this lobe and is essential to the processing of the bodys senses. The role of the amygdala in teen brain development and mental health. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure in the temporal lobe of the cerebrum. It is responsible for immediate or gut reactions, including fear and aggressive behavior. Over the course of adolescence, the prefrontal cortex takes over greater control of the limbic system.   a large number of the scientific community that deals with teen brain development has reported the precise significance this has for teen drivers. Research has indicated that brain signals essential for motor skills and emotional maturity are the last to extend to the brains frontal lobe in teens even though the brain is 80 percent developed. Mind teaser to exercise your frontal and parietal lobes october 10, 2006 by alvaro fernandez 71 comments lets now exercise our frontal lobes (that deal with working memory and attention, among other things) and parietal lobes (visual interpretation). Teen brain development the frontal lobe of the brain is essential for driving function of each section of the brain. Frontal lobe the most important for driver functions, the frontal lobe monitors motor skills and emotional maturity. Lack of development can explain an increased desire to take risks, and the inability to perform complex. The prefrontal cortex is the last brain region to fully develop, with maturation continuing through the teen years and completing development in the 20s. As the frontal lobes mature, the ability to regulate impulsivity and make better goal-oriented choices improves. When the ucla team scanned the brains of 19 normal children and adolescents, ages 7 and 16, they found that the parietal lobes (which integrate information from.). Occipital lobe lobes of the brain temporal lobe cerebral cortex. This three-pound organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement, and controller of behavior. When you enjoy a good mealthe taste, aroma, and texture of the foodtwo sections behind the frontal lobes called the parietal lobes are at work. The cerebral cortex is the thin layer of the brain that covers the outer portion (1. It is covered by the meninges and often referred to as gray matter. The cortex is gray because nerves in this area lack the insulation that makes most other parts of the brain appear to be white.).

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